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Mission and Purpose


The Hastings Area Industrial Development Association (HAIDA) was formed in October of 1955 to promote industrial, economic and community development in northern Cambria County and vicinity. The major purposes of the organization are to:

1. administer Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) Loans and other applicable financing programs and to apply for governmental grants, secure commercial bank loans and accept individual bequests and Foundation Gifts.

2. carry on such planning, fundraising and other activities related to our purpose and to make contributions to other exempt organizations.

3. purchase land, develop infrastructure, make site preparations, construct new buildings and purchase and renovate existing buildings.

4. conduct surveys and develop a marketing strategy to promote our goals.

5. engage in any and all activities consistent with and in furtherance of the above purposes.


The Hastings Area Industrial Development Association (HAIDA) was founded as an outgrowth of the slumping coal industry in the northern part of Cambria County. The initial purpose was to bring in new industries which would employ the citizens of Hastings and the surrounding area. More than 50 years later, HAIDA is still meeting monthly to promote job development and continued growth in the area. A few of the most recent major accomplishments include:

2014 – Ground broken for Senior Cottages
Agreement with Verizon for the erection of a Cell Phone Tower for Hastings
2013 -Grant obtained for erection of three senior cottages.
DCI begins expansion plans into Suites E-1 and E -2. HAIDA Office relocated to Suite A-2 which was recently vacated by Rezk Medical Supplies
Continue to actively pursue the possibility of a Rt. 36 connector into the Business Park.
2012 – Agreement with NCCDA to pursue a grant for the development of senior
2011 – Suite B buildout completed and Curves becomes the new tenant in Suite B.
2007 – Eleven of sixteen lots in Laurel Drive development have been sold and homes are being built on the sites.
2006 – HAIDA Professional Building was dedicated and currently houses 6 businesses.
2005 – Business Park sign erected with names of 7 businesses in the park.
2001 – Began purchasing rights of way for the access road from the business park to Rte. 219.
1998 – Donated eleven acres of ground to Miners Medical Center for a new facility.



Additional Information

For further information regarding business space and available land for industrial or residential development, contact any members of the HAIDA Board of Directors or phone, fax or e-mail to the following:

Phone/Fax: (814) 247- 6111

E Mail: hastingsida@verizon.net

Web Site: hastings-ida.com