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Water Authority Meetings are every second Thursday of every month at 7pm…..as always the public is welcome.

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The Hasting Municipal Authority is pleased to announce that residents will now be able to pay their utility bills using the ACH Debit payment option.

By signing up for the ACH Debit payment option, residents will authorize the Hastings Municipal Authority to withdraw the amount of their utility bill directly from their checking account. This transaction will happen automatically eliminating the need for the resident to pay their utility bill using the conventional methods of mailing in the payment or dropping it off at the Hastings Borough Office.

Please download the ACH Authorization Form below & mail in to the Borough Office (207-1 Fifth Avenue, PO Box 559 Hastings PA 16646), or drop off at the Borough Office.  You may also pick up a copy of this form at the Borough Office.  If there are any questions please call 814-247-6663.

ACH AUhtorization Form

New water bills (May 2013):

Attention Hastings Borough Water/Sewer Customers:

New charges that may apply to your account effective September 1st 2013. Please refer to delinquent/shut off procedure for explanation of below charges.

1. Door Sign Fee —- $10.00 (if we post a door sign, this will be added onto your bill)

2. Delinquent Letter Fee —- $5.00 (if we mail you a delinquent letter with your bill due to no payment or partial payment, this fee will be added to your bill)

3.Certified Letter Fee —- (whatever fees we are charged for letters we send to you regarding payments due, NSF checks, etc…)

4. Debt Service Fee —- $17.75 (this is associated with Liens against property)

5. Shut Off then Turn On Fee —- $50.00

6. Lien Processing Fee or magistrate court costs will be what our attorney charges us and any fee magistrate charges us; whichever way we go on a case by case basics.

7. Final Read —- No Charge.

8. Broken / Frozen Meter charge (abuse and mis-use of meter)—- Cost of meter plus 2 hrs of employee Wages.

9. Tap-in fee for Water —- $500.00

10. Tap-in Fee for Sewer —- $1000.00

Delinquent/shut off procedure:

The due date is listed clearly on this bill. There is no grace period. Penalties are applied the day after bills are due but after our drop box is emptied from the night before.

We generally print and mail the bills between the 7th and the 10th of each month. If full payment was not received by that day, we will mail a delinquent letter to you along with your bill and additional fee will apply for letter.

YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS LETTER. This letter states that you must have both, the past due and current due (full bill) paid in full by the due date listed on the bill. If you are unable to pay in full, you must come in to sign a payment plan agreement. This will be an agreement to make 20% of the unpaid balance (calculated at signing date) PLUS the regular portion of your bill before the due date. Broken payment plans will result in Door Sign to be posted and an additional fee will be charged.

If a door sign is posted on your door, you must pay the account in full. This will include Door sign, delinquent letter fees and any shut off fees, etc.

If you do not pay off account within 3 days, your service will be shut-off and theft of services charges may be filed at our local magistrate. This will cost you at the least, an additional $83.86 filing fee or more if the court fees change. We may also file a lien against your property for any unpaid accounts as well.

ACH AUTO BANK DRAFT NOW AVAILABLE- This may help avoid many such fees listed above.

You can call the Water/Sewer billing office: 814-247-8240